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Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.) is the currency of
the 21st century. A Vision of Hope Youth Network effectively inspires and involves students in hands-on activities, exercises and experiments in science, technology, engineering and mathematic projects and workshops. These activities will build and engage their analytical and critical thinking skills while developing interests in biology, science, meteorology & oceanography, civil engineering, marine biology, mechanical & industrial technology and other areas.

These hands-on S.T.E.M. activities will prepare students to not only meet standardized tests, but also allow them to be well-prepared for college, future careers and beyond. Each activity and experiment will develop program participant's abilities to conceptualize S.T.E.M. areas while gaining experiential learning that inspires their future career goals. Our active engagement model will improve their in-school academic performance, and develop their imagination while allowing them to work collaboratively in teams.

Participants will use an evidence based curriculum, work within a networked computer system, and use hand-held instruments and gauges to perform experiments. Through these techniques they will explore and investigate existing phenomena that actively engages them in math, science, technology chemistry and engineering disciplines. Their participation in each project will intuitively allow students to engage learned information and not simply memorize it. Our technical approach is to develop the individual that builds knowledge, engages interest, and allows them to further investigate academic areas in pursuit of
more knowledge.

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