Nutrition & Physical Education
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Students will learn the importance of making healthy decisions about what they eat and become involved in more physical activity. They will be taught to read and understand the impact of various ingredients and the nutrition facts of the foods & snacks they eat. Education regarding their daily sugar, fat and carbohydrate intake will be provided so they can actively participate in healthy decisions. They will be involved in enjoyable physical activities and learn the positives of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle that includes regular exercise.

Nutritional activities will include planting an organic garden of fruits and vegetables, learning portion size, and building their awareness of good, healthy eating habits. Physical activities will comprise of various games such as flag football, kickball, dodge ball, softball, soccer, swimming, double-dutch, walking, and other inter-mural team sports.

The nutritional and physical outcomes will encompass students making better decisions about to the food they eat, making healthier food, snack and beverage choices, while becoming more physically active.

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