Bullying Prevention
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The Bullying Prevention Workshop will offer tools and resources to help identify, prevent and communicate direct, indirect and cyber bullying. Participants will enjoy exercises, role play, modeling and more in an environment that is non-threatening allowing them to share openly and honestly.

The Workshops will improve academic performance; develop positive self-images, stronger interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution skills, and greater tolerance for difference. This tolerance facilitates personal success before, during, and after-school which will increase school attendance, in-school participation, and reduce truancy. It intensifies peer negotiation skills, social problem solving skills, and more. They will remove obstacles that hinder the participant’s socialization and learning process empowering them not to become a bully or a victim of bullying.

Using resources from Olweus Bullying Prevention, Clemson University, National Association of School Psychologist, Channing-Bete Company, and other supporting institutions with materials such as PAX Good Behavior Games, Guiding Good Choices Core Programming, Whats Up® With Cyber Bullying, We Can All Prevent Bullying Kit, participants will be prepared for the challenges of today and tomorrow in the following ways:

Bullying Skills
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